Colorado bar foundation

The Colorado Bar Foundation is honored to highlight the 2020 Grant Recipients! Join us in reviewing and celebrating the fantastic programs and services that the Foundation grants are helping to support this year…


9to5 Colorado: 9to5’s mission is to build a movement to achieve economic justice, by engaging directly affected women to improve working conditions.

A Kid's Place: To provide advocacy and support for abused and neglected children by advancing coordinated investigations, prosecution and victim services.

A Woman's Place, Inc.: Our mission is to shelter and help empower victims/survivors of domestic abuse to become safe, secure, and self-sufficient; and through education and collaboration to mobilize our community to help prevent domestic violence.

CASA Of The Pikes Peak Region, Inc.: CASA of the Pikes Peak Region provides a volunteer's voice in court for children who are victims of abuse, neglect or domestic conflict and promotes community awareness of these issues to ensure safe and permanent homes.

CBA Mock Trial Program: Since 1985, the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) has proudly sponsored the Colorado High School Mock Trial Program. This program is funded by the CBA Litigation Section and the Colorado Bar Foundation. This educational program is one of more than forty-five educational programs in Colorado and is one of the leading and most respected programs in the country. More than 100 high school teams participate in Colorado’s mock trial program. Approximately 1,500 students perform as attorneys and/or witnesses in a court case. Hundreds of attorneys, judges, teachers, and other community leaders volunteer their time to instruct students about the judicial system and the trial process through this educational program.

Center For Legal Inclusiveness: CLI is dedicated to advancing diversity in the legal profession by actively educating and supporting private and public sector legal organizations in their individual campaigns to create cultures of inclusion.

Central Visitation Program: To enhance relationships of low income families by providing visitation services, safe exchanges and parenting support.

Child Advocates - Denver CASA: Our mission is to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in Denver Juvenile Court through the services of specially selected and trained community volunteers from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Vision: all children will have a life-long connection with caring adults, a permanent home and a safe and nurturing environment where they can thrive because every child has this right.

Colorado CASA: Our Mission is to strengthen local CASA programs and advocate for children in the child welfare system. Our Vision: Every child in Colorado has a voice and a hopeful future. Colorado CASA supports local program efforts to train and supervise volunteers to represent the best interests of victims of child abuse, neglect, and severe domestic conflict. CASA volunteers are appointed by judges to be a voice for these children in court and in the community. The desired result is that children be placed in safe, loving homes where they can thrive.

Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition: The purpose of the Coalition shall be to safeguard the right of the public to information it must have to act reasonably in a free and democratic society, and to monitor the climate in which state journalism (print, broadcast and online) must meet its obligations to society. Additionally, the Coalition shall educate Colorado citizens that the protection afforded by the United States and Colorado constitutions is a public right; government conducted in the open benefits the public interest; and a free and unfettered press is vital to the democratic process.

Colorado Judicial Institute: The Colorado Judicial Institute's mission is to preserve and enhance the fairness, impartiality and excellence of Colorado's Courts, to further public understanding of the Colorado judicial system, and to ensure that the courts meet the needs of the people.

Colorado Juvenile Defender Center: The mission of the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center (CJDC) is to ensure excellence in juvenile defense and promote advocacy and justice for children and youth in Colorado. CJDC believes all children and youth should experience adolescence free from over-criminalization in a just society that promotes their well-being and provides second chances.

Colorado Springs Teen Court: Empower our youth through Restorative Justice for a brighter future. CompaƱeros, Four Corners Immigrant Resource Center: Our mission is to serve and empower the immigrants of the Four Corners regions to live fulfilling lives, achieve self-sufficiency, and become more active members of society.

Court Care for the Pikes Peak Region: To provide quality childcare in a safe, family friendly environment for children of individuals who have court-related business.

Crossroads Safehouse Inc: supports, advocates for, and empowers all people so we can live free of domestic violence and interpersonal abuse.

Hispanic Affairs Project: (HAP) is a grassroots organization dedicated to supporting the social and economic development of the immigrant community in Western Colorado including Mesa, Delta, Montrose, Gunnison, Ouray, and San Miguel Counties. Our mission is to provide leadership opportunities, community organizing, advocacy and key services and resources to promote immigrant integration.

Immigrant Legal Center of Boulder County: The Mission of the Immigrant Legal Center of Boulder County (ILCBC) is to expand access to reliable legal services for the immigrant community, to educate the immigrant population about U.S. law, and to educate the general public about the legal difficulties encountered by immigrants to this country.

Integrated Community: Our mission is to proactively promote and support successful integration of immigrant and local community members in Northwest Colorado through education, intercultural exchange, and collaboration to build a more united community where its members can communicate, participate and contribute.

Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Center: (JAMLAC) seeks justice for those struggling with poverty, oppression and abuse.

Korey Wise Innocence Project: The Korey Wise Innocence Project (KWIP) works with community volunteers, law students, multi-disciplinary faculty, and volunteer attorneys to exonerate those persons wrongfully convicted in Colorado. We facilitate policy reform and promote discussion regarding contributing factors to wrongful conviction. The KWIP infuses hope in our work by cultivating and inspiring in the next generation a thoughtful and compassionate approach to the criminal justice system.

LAW SCHOOL...Yes We Can: To increase diversity in the legal profession in Colorado and to develop tomorrow’s diverse leaders in their professional careers.

Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado's COLTAF Program: COLTAF administers Colorado's Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA) program to assist in legal services to the disadvantaged; improve the delivery of legal services; promote knowledge and awareness of the law in the community; and improve the administration of justice.

Legal Entrepreneurs for Justice: (LEJ) aims to bridge the justice gap in Colorado. LEJ does this as a small business incubator for socially conscious lawyers seeking to build thriving and sustainable practices that will provide affordable legal solutions to low and moderate income Coloradans. This target market includes people who earn too much income to qualify for free legal services but not enough to pay traditional market rates. LEJ provides the training, mentoring, resources, and support for lawyers launching or transitioning their practices so they can successfully establish, maintain, and grow firms addressing the needs of these legal consumers. LEJ lawyers are committed to offering predictable pricing, flexible representation options, and leveraging technology and innovation from other industries to increase client engagement and efficiency and practice creative ways to improve the delivery of legal services to this underserved community.

Northwest Rocky Mountain CASA: To inspire, empower, and educate the community and volunteers to advocate for the best interest of the child.

Rise Above Violence: promotes the belief that all people have the right to live free from violence by providing support and advocacy services for victims and education for youth and our community.

Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center: We advocate for children and youth, drive systemic reform, and boldly challenge the status quo so that every young person who has experienced trauma or instability has the opportunity to thrive.

Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network: (RMIAN) is a nonprofit organization that serves low-income adults and children in immigration proceedings. RMIAN promotes knowledge of legal rights, provides effective representation to ensure due process, works to improve detention conditions, and promotes a more humane immigration system, including alternatives to detention.

Rocky Mountain Legal Center: providing free and low-cost civil legal representation for low-income families, single parents, and seniors.

Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center: Elevates victims' voices, champions victims' rights, and transforms the systems impacting them.

Tri-County Health Network: Our mission is to collaborate with our communities to improve health for everyone.

Women's Resource Center: The Women’s Resource Center advocates for the personal empowerment and economic self-sufficiency of women and girls in La Plata County.