Colorado bar foundation


The Colorado Bar Foundation advances justice
by supporting legal services and law-related education.


The Colorado Bar Foundation, established in 1953 by members of the Colorado Bar Association, promotes the advancement of jurisprudence and the administration of justice in Colorado through grants to help educate the general public and provide assistance to the State's legal institutions. Since being established, the CBF has distributed grants totaling more than $1,800,000 in support of Colorado projects advancing the cause of the CBF.

The Colorado Bar Foundation recognizes prominent members of the legal community as Colorado Bar Fellows. Financial contributions from Bar Fellows provide support to CBF as well as bequests and other donations. Contributors to the Colorado Bar Foundation may be assured that donations will help to fund a strong, concerned and progressive charity, dedicated to assisting and promoting the justice system in Colorado. The Colorado Bar Foundation welcomes all contributions and donations. You need not be an attorney or Bar Fellow to give.

All CBA members are also members of the Foundation. The Foundation is governed by a 15-member Board of Trustees elected by the CBA Board of Governors.  The Trustees meet regularly to govern the business affairs of the Foundation.  Annually, the Trustees review grant requests and distribute monies to worthy causes in support of the Foundation's granting policies. Click here for our current Board of Trustees roster.

The vision of the Colorado Bar Foundation is that all Coloradans understand, value and have access to a fair and equitable justice system.

Current Bylaws here