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Volunteer with us: Board Committees

Are you interested in volunteering for the Colorado Bar Foundation? All current and emeritus Bar Fellows are invited to participate in one of the supporting committees of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Committee participants need not be trustees and are tasked only with attending their individual committee meetings. Each committee typically meets on an as-needed basis via Zoom. Bar Fellows from across the State of Colorado are encouraged to participate.

For more information or to join a committee, contact Foundation Manager Elizabeth Akalin at [email protected].


Bar Fellows Committee

The Bar Fellows Committee is responsible for overseeing the Bar Fellows Program and organizing fundraising events to support the Foundation's mission. The committee plays a crucial role in fundraising efforts, actively seeking donations and sponsorships to support the Foundation's initiatives. It organizes the annual Bar Fellows Dinner and additional events that serve as key fundraising opportunities for the Foundation. The committee's members work to ensure that the Foundation has the resources it needs to support its work and make a meaningful impact in the legal community.

Committee Chairperson: Keith Lapuyade, Bar Fellows President


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee plays a vital role in raising the profile of the Colorado Bar Foundation through various communication channels. The committee is responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies to increase awareness of the Foundation's work and achievements. They work in conjunction with staff to develop messaging, create content, and disseminate information through social media, newsletters, and other communication channels.

Committee Chairperson: Leia Ursery, Vice Chairperson of the Board of Trustees


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee plays a critical role in the Colorado Bar Foundation by drafting the annual budget, reviewing the investment portfolio, and assessing monthly financial statements. The committee's members are tasked with overseeing the Foundation's financial health and ensuring its long-term sustainability. The committee works closely with representatives from the Foundation’s bank to make informed recommendations to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Committee Chairperson: Adam Foster, Treasurer of the Board of Trustees