• Colorado Bar Foundation
    "Supporting justice through legal services and law-related education"


The Colorado Bar Foundation advances justice
by supporting legal services and law-related education.


In 1953, the members of the Colorado Bar Association established the Colorado Bar Foundation for the purpose of promoting the advancement of jurisprudence and the administration of justice throughout Colorado. Each year, with the assistance of generous contributions from the Foundation’s Fellows and other sources, the Foundation provides grants to various organizations and programs whose goals include:


• assistance with the provision or improved delivery of legal services by supporting the representation of individuals in court proceedings, furnishing advice to pro se litigants, and disseminating general information about various legal matters (including, but not limited to, domestic relation proceedings, probate and trust administration, estate planning, immigration, evictions and bankruptcy);

• promotion of law-related education to the public by supporting organizations that provide information and education about our American legal/justice system to community organizations and to school children of all ages; and

• improvement of the administration of justice by supporting our courts and judicial officers, delivering accessible information about the Colorado court system for all Colorado residents, providing child-care for litigants and jurors, and assisting law enforcement and the judiciary in performing their functions.


Since its inception, the Foundation has distributed grants totaling more than $2,500,000 in support of these worthy projects with the vision that all Coloradans understand, value and have fair and equal access to our justice system.

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