Colorado bar foundation

Grant Applications


The Colorado Bar Foundation Grants Program seeks to support nonprofit applicants who:

1. Assist in the provision or improved delivery of legal services to the disadvantaged,
2. Promote law-related education, and/or
3. Improve the administration of justice.

The Colorado Bar Foundation grant awards support statewide, regional or local projects with demonstrated community need. Both established programs as well as new or innovative projects are encouraged to apply.

The foundation prefers to fund specific program expenses rather than general operating funds. The Foundation also considers the availability of other grant funds including COLTAF and CBA section support when allocating grant resources.

The size of each grant award is dependent upon the amount requested, the size of the organization, and the total grant funds available for the year.

The Foundation invites organizations with projects that respond to one or more of these criteria to submit proposals. To apply, please complete this form and submit the appropriate attachments. All applications must be submitted by June 15, 2020.

If you received 2019 funding, your grant report will also be due at this time.

The Foundation Board will meet in July to award grants based on the available funds. Grant applicants will receive a response to their request by the end of that month.

The Colorado Bar Foundation will not fund applications for the following excluded activities:

  • Grant making organizations except COLTAF.
  • Political campaigns or activities. 
  • Endowments, fundraising benefits or solicitations. 
  • Programs that are wholly or significantly funded by government grants or funds. 
  • Organizations that have or will receive COLTAF funding for this fiscal year. 
  • Individual scholarships. 
  • Non-charitable programs and organizations. 
  • All Colorado Bar Foundation grant recipients will be required to submit an annual report describing their use of grant funds, permit an annual site visit, and provide public acknowledgment of the award in a prominent manner including information about the Colorado Bar Foundation.

Please submit your electronic application no later than June 15, 2020




Please submit your electronic application no later than June 15, 2020