Colorado bar foundation


The Colorado Bar Foundation Grants Program specifically seeks to support non-profit applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • assist in the provision or improved delivery of legal services to the disadvantaged;
  • promote law-related education; and/or
  • improve the administration of justice.


Each year, the Board of Trustees meet and review applications to determine the current year’s grant awards.  In particular, the Board of Trustees strive to identify a pool of grantees that are diverse in terms of geographical location, subject-matter emphasis, and need.  During its evaluation process, the Board of Trustees place specific emphasis on the following factors:

  • clarity of application and sufficiency of information provided;
  • financial stability of the organization or program;
  • financial needs of the organization or program;
  • community need and impact;
  • geographic impact;
  • ability and likelihood of success of the organization or program; and
  • use of funds for general operating expenses.


The average Colorado Bar Foundation grant size in 2021 was $3,800!

If you know of an organization or program that could benefit from the Foundation’s grants, please encourage such organization or program to review our website and consider submitting an application for one of our annual grants.  If you would like more information about the Foundation’s grant-making process, please contact Elizabeth Akalin at or (303) 824-5329. 


Applications are now being accepted through June 8, 2022. Please select “Grant Application” from the “Grants” menu above for more information.