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Fellows who contribute a total of $10,000 to the Foundation are honored as members of the Aisenberg Society, whose namesake is Bennett S. Aisenberg. Ben was a former President of the Colorado Bar Association who made an extraordinary gift of $10,000 to the Foundation in 2004. In 2022, the Foundation received a generous estate gift from Bent, further strengthening his legacy within the Colorado legal field.


Take the Aisenberg Pledge

The Foundation offers donors the opportunity to pledge towards Aisenberg Society membership. With the freedom to choose contribution increments and a timeframe spanning up to ten years, donors can tailor their pledge to align with their individual preferences and capacity. All previous donations made to the Foundation, including Bar Fellow pledge payments, dues check-off gifts, Emeritus donations, and other gifts, contribute toward Aisenberg status. 

Aisenberg society membership is a roadmap to enhancing and expanding the legacy of its members. It offers a way for an individual lawyer or member of the legal community to impact the state of justice and rule of law in Colorado. Through expert and comprehensive vetting of nonprofit projects by our board of trustees, high quality programming across the entire state receives necessary and critical financial support; support that removes barriers to justice, resolves problems for individuals and families, and elevates public understanding of the legal system.

The Foundation is unique in its ability to fund a variety of programming that encompasses the entire legal landscape in Colorado, creating a positive and lasting impression across the state. A single gift to the Colorado Bar Foundation is multiplied: one donation supports the full grants program of 70 nonprofits.

If you would like to join the ranks of the Aisenberg Society, please contact Foundation Manager Elizabeth Akalin or complete the pledge form below. Elizabeth will work with you to create a custom pledge that best suits your needs.

Elizabeth Akalin 
[email protected]
1290 Broadway, Ste 1700, Denver, CO 80203





The following Fellows are members of the Aisenberg Society:

Deborah R. Adams

Bennett S. Aisenberg

Donald Alperstein

Estate of Field C. Benton

Alan H. Bucholtz

Frederic K. Conover

Marcy G. Glenn & Thomas Goulet

Jack Kintzele

Ken & Barbara Laff

Michael E. McLachlan

H. Barton Mendenhall

Raymond N. Satter

Ronald W. Servis

Charles C. Turner

David L. Wood

The following Fellows are pledging towards Aisenberg Society membership:

Holly Bennett and John Lebsack

Gary Blum

Scott Eldredge

Claire Hunter

Joseph Hodges

Keith Lapuyade

Charles Spence 

Connie Talmage

Leia Ursery

Elaine Wohlner