Colorado bar foundation


Fellows who contribute a total of $10,000.00 to the Foundation are honored as a member of the Aisenberg Society, which is named in honor of Bennett S. Aisenberg.

Bennett S. Aisenberg was a former President of the Colorado Bar Association who made an extraordinary gift of $10,000.00 to the Foundation in 2004.

Each new member of the Aisenberg Society is specially recognized at the Foundation’s Annual Bar Fellows Dinner and his or her name is engraved in the permanent plaque located at the Foundation’s office.


The following Fellows are member of the Aisenberg Society:

Deborah R. Adams
Bennett S. Aisenberg
Donald Alperstein

Estate of Field C. Benton
Frederic K. Conover
Marcy G. Glenn & Thomas Goulet
Jack Kintzele
Michael E. McLachlan
H. Barton Mendenhall
Ronald W. Servis
Charles C. Turner
David L. Wood